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Missing funds


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Hi, when I logged off the client last night I had €176.15 in my poker account and logging on I have €175.34. I've noticed recently it changes almost daily by a few cents and now this? Confused as I don't do any other betting on Unibet, just play poker in euros format. Any idea why this is happening? Is it to do with exchange rated maybe? Only deposit was around 2 months ago.

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Hi @Bing__, thanks for bringing this up :) it can indeed be confusing.

So, there is an online currency converter function between your account and your Poker profile. In the case that your Unibet account is in euro's this can't happen but since your account is in another currency, the currency converter kicks in transforming the balance in your account in euros, basically mirroring whatever you have in the account. Now since this tool is live, any currency value fluctuation will result in the above explained scenario by you. Hope this clears it up.

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