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Verification Issue


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I am trying to withdraw from my account, it says that I need to go verify my account in the “Verify your account” page.

When I click on the page it says that i’m all set, I haven’t sent my documents.

This looks like a lag but right now I am stuck and I need help.

Thank you

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Hi @jordanaz, welcome to the Community :)

I see that a colleague from Customer Service already informed you about what document is needed. The fact that it didn't appear in the “Verify your account” was indeed a bug.

The document that you sent unfortunately cannot be accepted as a proof of address, however I see screenshots of your bank statement made with your phone. That statement would be ideal, but it would need to arrive in the form of an official PDF downloaded from your netbanking application or a picture of the statement you receive via the post office.

Any of the above 2 would do, let us know once it's sent and we'll try to sort it out quickly for you. More info on document requests and how to's is found here: https://www.unibetcommunity.com/t5/Verification-Help/Tips-tricks-and-how-to-send-your-documents-for-verification/m-p/147798#M121




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