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More small tournaments pls!


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Hi Community!

I would like to see more dayli small buyIn tournaments (1-99cents), do you agree?

Sometimes I blow my bank and for a couple of weeks I cant play... and I would still like to practice some tourney play, but there are so few now and only in the evening...

Now, I know that this is not verry profitable for Unibet, and that we allready have the freerols, but I still think that the total nomber of under 1 Eur Buyin tournaments is too small.

Let me know what u think!


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I really like those 0.20 cents Unibet Open tournaments. More of them would be great. Also 1e UO with 4e tickets are damn great. Im thinking looking at Streamleague that 1e 50eGTD (or with no gtd) tournament every hour since 12 to 12 would be good. I mean maybe it could saturate the lineup and some other tournies would hurt, but its still only 1e MTT and people like to add tables, so maybe one every 2h would be better, but i think those would be very playable. I would play them regularly. And with those under 1e i dont play them purely because they are too slow. I will not play 4h to win 1e, even if it means adding those to something im playing. It just not worth it. On other hand i always add UOCentroll, simply cause there are fast. Small buy MTTs/freerolls should be by definition fast IMO :)

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