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Andrei's Tennis Competition - Milestone edition!


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Hi all and welcome to what'll hopefully be another month of great tennis competition!

@AndreiBN is reaching 5K posts in his betting thread, where you can find great daily tips and discussion on the biggest tennis tournaments! It's a great milestone and to celebrate, Andrei himself will be hosting this wonderful competition!

The competition will run from today up until the 29th of october and will have 30 winners in total, 1 winner each day of the competition.

Here's how it works:

1. Each day Andrei will post a tennis match for which you need to guess the result out of 4 possible options: A. 2-0 ; B. 2-1 ; C. 0-2 or D. 1-2 . 

2. All members who chose the correct score will enter the daily raffle of €30 worth of Free Bets. Free Spins, Bonus Money or Poker Tickets. You're welcome to mix betwen the different ones if you'd like.

3. Andrei will announce the raffle winner directly here in the thread daily!

A few extra rules and points in the spoiler:

1. In case of retirement from one of the players, regardless of the score registered at the moment of retirement , all bets will be voided and all the members who picked an option for that day will participate in the raffle.

2. Members can change they daily prediction only1 time in a day. And they must do it by tagging the host ( @AndreiBN ) and let him know about the change, otherwise their pick will be voided.

3. Members who change their daily prediction without notifing the host more then once , or members who spam their daily pick will be excluded from the daily raffle, even if their pick was correct. It this will continue, members will be excluded for good from the competition and forfeit any potential prize.

4. There will also be an extra prize of 100 euros ( or what you think is ok ) for the member/s with the most correct picks through out the whole competition. The extra pirze will be divided if there is more than one winner.

5. In order to be eligible for the extra prize for overall most correct picks, members have to post their prediction ( doesn't matter if it's correct or not ) on 28 days out of 30. 

6. All general Unibet terms and conditions apply.

If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to ask - if not then just join in on the fun :)


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@CharismaMan wrote:

@JeppeL thanks for the opportunity and congratulations to @AndreiBN. My question is simply: Can i win more than once? 

@CharismaMan , you can win only 1 daily prize per competition, but you can also win the overall most correct daily correct score prediction for an extra prize if you participate in at least 28 days out of 30 :)

Best of luck!

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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Let's get things going, guys! Our first stop in this tennis journey will be in the beuatiful city of Beijing. Where, in the morning ( Europe time ) , we will be spoiled with some great tennis matches and despite the season is almost done, still plenty of on court fights will be happening, as money and pride are in the game.

And for our first match , we will visit the ladies WTA event and our attention goes to one particular match.

With all that being said,we have ... :

The tennis match of the day : Petra Martic vs Barbora Strycova ( Scheduled to start 09:00 CET - 01.10.2018 )

And correct score prediction #1 for the daily giveaway on the 01.10.2018 is :

A. 2-0 ( Petra Martic to win this match with this score ).

B. 2-1 ( Petra Martic to win this match with this score ) .

C. 0-2 ( Barbora Strycova to win this match with this score )

D. 1-2 ( Barbora Strycova to win this match with this score )

Simply post your prediction , A. 2-0 ; B. 2-1 ; C. 0-2 ; D. 1-2 ., in this thread and get a chance to walk away with a €30 prize of your choise ,credited to your Unibet account .

Deadline for this question is : 08:30 CET ( 01.10.2018 ) Roughly 18 hours from now on.Best of luck!!!

"When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself"
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