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Bingo chat/games


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Hi ,

There are different chat games in podium/arena rooms . At the begining of the game the CM will give the instructions

For example : choose 3 numbers from the callerboard ,  when all those numbers are called write minimix and your numbers . So lets say you choose 1 12 44 , you write that on the chat before the game starts and then just wait for your numbers to be called ....you might have that luck or maybe someone else has his/her numbers before

Another example is ladder ..choose 3 numbers in a row ...lets say 11 12 13 , when those are called write ladder and the numbers

The games are really easy to understand , but theres one tricky game...CUBE , choose one number lets say 26 , now you have to open the callerboard which its right near the numbers extracted, you need to find that and open it ..so u can see which numbers have been called yet or not and make a cube , for the 26 number you need to have 3 other numbers around it so u can make a cube , and that could be nr 25 26 40 41 ( i think ,...i cant see the callerboard now but its just an example)

Hope it helps , if you need more info let me know


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