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Software bug - refund request


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Today morning, I've got unpleasent situation. I was playing poker at many tables and noticed, that because of bug in poker client I lost 30e.

Bug looked like that:


so as you see, there wasn't option fold, because without bug it looks like that:


This bug was only at one table(cg 653298), that's why it takes me few (2-3) hands, when I realized, that when I was clicking in area where normaly should be fold, it wasn't fold, it was call.

And because of this bug, I've got such a absurd spot:


As you see, because of this bug, at preflop I wanted to made fold, but it was cold call 3bet out of position with 3hJd and on mono colour flop without any draws, any pairs, without nothing, again I wanted to made fold, but because of this bug it was next call. On turn I realized that there's bug software and as you I have to made time out, because it was the only option to make fold.

I would like to received 30euro refund, which I lost in this spot because of this bug software. I had never such a situation with your software before.






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