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Hello comminuty, 

I was wondering if anyone have had he same experience as me. I received a profit boost on  100 % for 500 DKKR. I therefor deposited 500 DKKR in my account and wanted to use the profit boost. I was on my mobile phone, and when I went to use the boost on a coupon it didn't register. I therefor felt it necessary to deposit another 500 DKKR via my computer instead, and when I went to use the profit boost it did finally work. 

I feel cheated since I only wanted to deposit 500 DKKR to use the profit boost, but ended with double that to be able to use it. I know it is my own decision to deposit twice, but I expected the app to actually work and register the bonus.

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Hi @Maripyt, Welcome to the Community. :) Indeed, as experienced some of our promotions or rewards are targeted to a certain platform, this time the Profit Boost being intended to be used on PC. Sucks that you placed the initial bet though, I would have been able to advise you how to use it. Sorry for the inconvenience. Would you like me to look into some sort of compensation, although I have my reservations about getting it approved since the Boost did work as intended. Let us know.



Former Community Moderator
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Hello Ray, 

I didn't know or see anywhere it is intended to be used on PC. But yes, if you will please look in to some sort of compensation would be very nice of you. But I do not agree completely that the boost worked as intended since I had to deposit twice. 

Thank you for your reply and have a nice day! 

// Marianne 

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