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Tablet poker bugs


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Hello Mr Rush, we are from Unibet. Choose the Green button to fix the issue and come to the Light side or the Red button to keep the issue and remain in the dark side. 😏 After a while Rush says where the F is the Green Button i have two Red ones. Uh sorry sir but we got confirmation you are too far gone to the dark side. 🤣

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Lol yeah, glad that the pics proves those. It would've been thrown straight to the garbage bin by staff, if some sunny Friday there's suddenly a verbal only report done by me about duplication of clients features and that the client suggests not to join any tournaments that are going on :laugh:


That being said, forgot to add this yesterday. Even re-installing the app after proper cleanups it's still not very happy about late registrations.

Also the double avatars haven't gone anywhere.



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Aaand there's something for the @Fredrik-Unibet too 😃

While playing the poker app's lobby slots, the tournament I registered before that started, and turned the screen to table automatically. Which obviously cut off the slot action, but surprisingly not the music from the slot game.

Personally I don't mind listening the neverending soundtrack of Sticky Bandits while playing poker, but that probs shouldn't be happening.

Tried to shut it off multiple times, always running into the same announcement. Got it finally silenced after relaunching the client, which is always fun in the middle of poker hands. 👍




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