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Hi guys.


just got the invitation to the community email so stopped what I was doing and headed straight over here.  Working my way through the site but thought it pretty cool of you guys to introduce yourselves.   Looking forward to taking an active part in development while I'm not currently working.

good luck with this.



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Thank you so much for the kind words :)

We're all very happy to hear that you like it here so far, and that you're looking forward to being a part of the community going forward! 
We've got some exciting competitions coming up for the summer that'll be announced within long, I hope you'll enjoy these as well.

One of our main goals of the soft launch is to make the community as comfortable for all you guys to use as possible, so If you have any feedback please don't hesitate to to post it here :)


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Former Community Manager
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@psrquack wrote:

Hi guys! Please let me know what is the special prize which one you can win in the staff only freerolls(like Friday fun)? And ofc you all do a great job.

We've quite a few different staff tournaments :)

A few examples:

1. Every Friday there's a tournament for each of our three main offices (Malta, Stockholm and London), where there's a € 2/20 SEK/£ 2 buy-in - the prize will of course depend on the number of signups 

2. For every Unibet Open tournament, there're company wide tournaments, where we can win a seat at a side event 

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Very good of Unibet to start their own forum and so far I'm impressed witht he layout.  Keep up the fine work you guys are doing and I hope to one day bink a UO package to meet up for some pints with some of you guys.

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