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Getting ahead of this. Verification


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Hi mods,


I am reading that verification is a major bone of contention here so i wanted to get ahead of it.  I had an account before, it ws closed bcause there was no way to get a city hall or council to verify the address as I had a PO box. I sent in a ton of docs, got frustrated and left. I got the email that staf had closed my account. I was never able to deposit that account and left all my points and small amounts from freerolls in that account to go to waste.

Fast forward, I stay with my GF 4 out of 7 days a week. So I figured, well now that I stay in two places mine and hers but am there typically more than half the week, i would resign up as I live there more of the time. I did that, and deposited using a paysafe card I purchased. I setup my account with my name, but realized after the fact that using the shortened version of my name(s) (Culturally appropriate for my culture) and uploading my birth certificate with my full name it may cause multiple protracted issues. So;

I have uploaded my BC, and;


A)Want to ensure I dont have a duplicate account and the first one was still closed

B) Make sure that my documents are accepted, like my BC as my short name is (Jay Cobb) and long form is Jamieson Cobbs which is on my BC

I really dont want to have to wait weeks to accomplish this as so many others have described so im trying to get ahead of this.


Thanks for the help,



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Hi @Jamieson, welcome to the Community. The easiest and only way to verify your identity is with a Government issued ID card / Driving license (Front and back). Birth certificates are not usually accepted as a proof of identity within the industry. You can still upload a picture in your account, just let us know once done and we'll try to speed up the process for you.



Former Community Moderator
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