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Confusion tracking poker and casino funds.


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I opened the client as normal this morning and my poker funds are showing, in euros, exactly what I have after playing last night. So far so good.

I go into the main site and my balance is showing in £ sterling, as normal. 

I played in the live casino for a short while and won £3 ( go Grizzler 👍) still good so far.

I then go back into the poker client and my euro funds are showing the same amount as when I left even though I have won £3. Slightly confusing but I'm thinking there may be a time lag or something I'm not aware of.

I then play 127 hands of PLO, seeing 40 hands, enough for my first spin ticket and winning e3.75 (go go Grizzler 👍👍) and this has been added to my bankroll, it's e3.75 higher.

I then go back to the casino and my £sterling account is still showing the same amount as when I left it, although I have won some euros. (Anyone still following?)

So I then play roulette for a few minutes and win £6 (go go go Grizzler 👍👍👍) which is correctly showing.

I then leave the casino and return to poker which is still showing the same amount of euros. 

I'm really confused. How can my poker winnings not show up on my main account and my casino winnings not show up in my poker page?

 I'm not sure if I'm missing something simple as usual so any help or explanayion would be appreciated, @RayL @JeppeL Thanks.


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