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I would like to play a big 'prize pot' tournament, try the poker players world at least once. This road looks longer than Trans-Siberian Railway. My level: beginner/rookie/freeroll lover. This thread/project go end of the year. My goal is: 1.000.000 €, okay i just kidding, 'real' goal is 100 €. I hope the best and reach with the freerolls, community poker events and a low price buy-in games. 

Plan for today: 

1. Community 10k members celebration *

2. Community 10k members celebration high rank *

3. 100 € Unibet Slot Flip Freeroll.

* I see the registration is open, but have no tickets, yet. 

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Hi Charisma :)

Sorry for missing the previous message! How long does the competition run for and how often would prizes have to be given? I'm thinking of prizes for a total of €50 or €100 in tickets or free bets.


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