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Premier League Fantasy


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Hello everyone, 

Premier League just started new season! I playing at my work place this and just wondering if we can make it UnibetCommunity League? Where we can have fun and chalanging between us! 

If you want to play just let me know and we can push @JeppeL to let us do it!! 

There is video how is running! 




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Here is one i made before start of season:

While waiting for possible cl fantasy, i made team for myself in https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ and made private leagues too. So if you are in to pl or just want to practice your manager skills, use these codes to enter private leagues:  

1293247-294505   (normal leaderboard) 1293247-328925    (h2h league)

Note, nothing to do with community and no added prices, just for fun 

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