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Deposit problem

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When I made one deposit of 200 norgwegian  kroner, I got told to verify me again. I did this and registered my new short on. I then got an error message "Bad gateway". I thought it would not work so just closed the app. I see now that I have been deducted from my account but not received your deposit at unibet.

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Same thing just happpened to me, also payed from a Norwegian account. Contacted Cusomter Service but they told me to piss off. 
Husslers? Upprepayed seem like a fishy site.. 

Please contact me if you get this solved, or in case your bank account get's *****



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Hi @Andreas12 and @Richnord, welcome to the Community. I think it's safe to say that since you used the same Payment provider, that is outside of Unibet's system and the money never reached us, the error must be on "upprepays" side, it wouldn't be in our interest to cheat you in any way shape or size. Now that being said we would be happy to help you guys in whatever way we can. :)
Generally speaking when there is an error in the payment provider's system and the funds get stuck they are returned in a couple of hours however since it's the weekend it might take until Monday. We do advise for the player to contact their bank / financial provider as usually the funds are returned by them in an instant, which is exactly what Customer Service advised you @Richnord, "Contacted Cusomter Service but they told me to piss off. " is a distortion of facts and doesn't do the agent or Customer Service any justice for trying to help you and  advising you to the quickest possible way to recuperate your funds.
I would be more than happy to start a trace on our side as well, we would require a screenshot of your transactions from the payment provider showing the deposit that didn't reach us, this way our financial department can start the process of finding your lost funds. Feel free to private message me with the screenshots.


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