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boenkerop is saying goodbye for now


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Heya my friends ❤️ ,almost everbody knows me with the alias boenkerop on twitch streams from like Lappin , @DaVitsche@IanSimpson djarii maestro hensiepensie and lot lot more ,i keep getting the question why they didnt see me for so long, so here is the thing :  i im going tru a very very difficult time at the moment, my kid is having some hard medical problems (not gonna throw in here what happend cause nobody needs to get depressed ,and nobody can help so it doesnt matter) but.... where i used to login on the community and play poker every day since 2013 ,i can only login now and then , i am not able to play poker anymore all the time so i missing all of the community games, twitch stream games, and our davitche's league,but doesnt mean i dont think about the friends i made here , if there is something important that i should know then tag me in it so i get the mails , see ya all in a few weeks (months) again when the sun come out after the rainy days , i hope i can now and then login on twitch streams but i wont talk   

take care of yourself,stay one family in here and more important dont forget to share story's ,i still wanne laugh when i login .renember  i keep an eye on yall so behave ! esp the ducks team with leader @psrquack ! when ya play win big ,when ya chat have fun,

ps : to unibet im sorry i dont deposit anymore, i need my money for the  bills ,but its not that i made ya rich so dont start crying now and to @RayL i had a blast with you this year ,your funny and a very warm person , thanx for everything!! then to the new ones on this site, no you dont get a ticket gonna make that clear in advance, you need to rank up or join the community promotions to grab one ,i wont be here to tell say polite the entire afternoon that you had to qualify 🆒  ,now one more thing for the ones who join the streams Mr Ian Simpson ,when ya see hes mouth moving theres a chance hes going to start singing, make him clear not to do that!!trust me,he better dont.and for the ones who join the streamleague from Mister Davitche keep me a chair in the grand final i earned my place ,keep the chair warm  

so thats it for now and again sorry for my stupid english but yall know by now i am dutch 🤣   

WITH LOVE :inlove:❤️♥️

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