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Where's my deposit gone?


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I joined the site today and deposited £120

The site gave me a £200 bonus and for a while it said my main cash was 120 and bonus money is 200

Ive been betting this evening on roulette and now theres 0 in my main cash and 350 in bonus

I now cannot withdraw this, and my ammount I need to wager has not gone down

If I canceled my bonus would the money I have won go into main cash?

How can I get my money back -in simple terms please

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Hi @Jas697, welcome to the Community :)

I'll take it step by step, this way I can paint a complete picture of the Bonus mechanics.

So, your Bonus is a 200% Deposit bonus up to £200 meaning that when you deposited £120, £100 was placed in your "Restricted Balance" the £20 that was over the Bonus setup stayed in cash and we added you £200 of Bonus Money which was placed in your "Bonus Money" wallet.

You started wagering the Bonus, it's worth noting that when you wager a bonus the amount deducted comes from your "Restricted Balance"(It's basically restricted cash until wagering is completed). Now when that was lost, you continued to wager your Bonus Money. In the case that I cancel the Bonus now, the account's balance will be 0 as when a Bonus is canceled, the "Restricted Balance" (Your restricted Cash) is freed and the Bonus money is lost.

Hope the above makes sense, but do let me know if there is something unclear.



Former Community Moderator
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