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€75,000 US Open Jackpot Raffle


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@Purps wrote:

@Livertool wrote:

Brace yourselves for....

1. Where can i see winners/why there ain´t name of winners available so we know this isn´t scam ?

2. Why there is not live raffle?


That's the time to tune yourself to the "Lloyd-mode" Same goes for the "tikiet please" days  😃


Wasn´t it in dumb and dumber, what comes when you mix breed of bulldog and shih tzu?


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I've sent an inquiry about when the raffle will happen @XY but if I am not mistaken, (don't take my word for it) Since there is a draw everyday, it should be done at the end of the last match of the day to give players a chance to accumulate as many tickets as they like, but this is just my logic. We will have to wait for a reply from the Sportsbook owner of this promotion :)
I'll let you guys know below when an answer is received.


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