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How to play on Unibet from other Country(s)


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This is ment for short term and can be used for long term playing, for long term play from another country than your own, tell the LC or some staff here on Community:

There are 3 diffrent free DNS you can use, the only one I know work even in high sencored contrys are Googles.

1: Google: https://www.windowscentral.com/how-change-your-pcs-dns-settings-windows-10

2: OpenDNS: https://support.opendns.com/hc/en-us/articles/228007207-Windows-10-Configuration

3: Cloudflare: https://windowsreport.com/dns-server-1-1-1-1/

Recomend Cloudflare for securety but hey any choise is fully legal and accepted from Unibet, especially if you getting sencored, even I get that on some place and I have to use this sollution, actually strange that my country follow US\EU crappy laws....wonder where my freedom actually going soon...

FYI: if you bother to google a little there is a waste free open DNS out there I just listed the 3 I trust.

If you want total privacy like VPN\Proxy and so on, then I think Unibet will not allow it....it make a mess later whith your IP\MAC and so on...

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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