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Unibet IPO Dublin 2018


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We are delighted that we even this year will be going to Dublin for the IPO, International Poker Open . Qualifiers starts running today and this year we will go big, we will be sending approximately 100 players (seats/buyin) to the event. Players can win multible seats to the IPO because players are allowed to do one re-entry per flight.

The 9*€300 seat-only finals will be running Sundays 9:00pm UK, we will also run package finals on Thursdays, keep an eye out for those, thy will be coming soon.

Qualifiers for the €33 final tickets are running daily 

Here is some additional info:


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play ipo dublin every year,  great few days, good to be able to win multiple tickets, but would be a good change to be able to transfer tickets to friends, you would have more people playing satelites and more playing main event, previos sponsors allowed this and had in excess of 1000 playing the main event, 

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