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Hi @B9mobile and welcome to the Community :) @FreedoM, thanks for the intervention.
The old help links might not work as they are being removed completely now with the implementation of the new Help Center so the above youtube link might not be accurate.
If you access the Help Center through the 'Help" link on your account it will take you there and based on the issue you are experiencing, you will have to go through a basic FAQ and troubleshooting in order to solve the issue on first contact. If by the end of the relevant information you didn't receive the information you were looking for, the Chat or e-mail option will appear and you will be able to get in touch with a representative. Or you can leave an explanation here and we will be looking at it as soon as possible :)


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 I think Unibet community is a fantastic feature with endless possibility and i can only predict great things for the future . Unibet Community is unique and needs to remain unique to Unibet . No other website of this type offers anything close to what you have achieved and I think everyone of you who has been involved in creating Unibet community should feel extremely proud of yourself because your doing a fantastic job. Unibet community brings people together into a social environment where they can interact with others and pass on their opinions GOOD OR BAD with a focused maintained goal of making everyone's gaming experience the best it can be.
Unibet community has a unique live support team who are always available when needed and they are the beating heart of the entire operation . When a member has a problem on any other website and they have to contact live support it just a random person they speak to who are not helpful at all .but on Unibet community this is not the case .. members can contact the same person every time and interact on a much higher level , even enough to see them as friends and when their conversation is over members are left feeling happy that their problems will be solved and not left feeling like their words are falling on deaf ears.

Unibet community --- A******* SERVICE

___S_N_O_R_T_E_D__ /
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