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Iceland trip draw results


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maybe tag @RayL @MarcoV

Anyway me think I havent won absolut any price....

I havent seen so mutch negative luck @ Unibet when playing Casino \ Bingo the last 2 years now, start wondering if they "blacklisted " me as soon as I log on to play, no winn....actually not even dobble my stake.....and they should know I don not withdraw anything unless it is 6 diget lol....maybe take a verry long break from this now , since my verry low stakes @ NT is actually coming back with a minimum x100 multipay ;)

Seems like when playing any slot on Unibet I am conected to a server who run on a loop :p

Dont mind loosing but dont like getting "robbed" xD

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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Hi guys :) the draw happened and the details of the players who won were passed on to our outbound communication team for them to inform the lucky winners.

I am looking into the possibility of sharing the winners onsite as well for the promotion to finalize with the highest level of transparency.



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