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Payout of pending bet


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Perhaps somebody can help me out. I placed a bet on a football match that was played on Friday. My bet was on number of yellow cards (less tan 4,5 & less than 5,5 yellow cards). Result is known but my two bets are still pending.. How come?   

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Hi @Fabtazz, and welcome to the Community :)

There were indeed technical difficulties in regards to the settlement of card offers for some of the matches this weekend. Most of the matches have already been settled. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Are you still experiencing delays with your bet? If so can you please provide me with a screenshot of the Coupon or the Coupon ID found in the top lefty corner of your bet?

I will gladly send a request for it to be settled once that is provided and I can find the bet.





Former Community Moderator
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