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Premiership top goalscorer


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Great offer from Unibet. Place £25 on the premiership top goalscorer and they'll give you a £5 free bet for every brace they score and a £10 free bet for every hat trick. 

Shame my bet has been rejected for Aubameyang who's only 3rd down the list. Offer should perhaps read " place £25 on top goalscorer in premier league as long as their odds are lower than..................." 

which would probably restrict you to 1 or maybe 2 options if you're lucky!

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@GothMoth wrote:

The one last season was better - free bet was when your team win (with 2 goals or more as I recall).

Yep, two or more goals for single player don´t really happen that often, except Ronaldo and Messi.... and maybe Salah :D Interesting to see if he can continue where he left last season, i think not but would love to be wrong.

But this ain´t bet that you just want to make for getting those freebets, more like good addition if you are planning to make bet for top goal scorer :)

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