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Hi @Ismylove123 and welcome to the forum.

The balance on your account obviously shouldn't change without you wagering it anywhere, however if you for example log in to the poker client, which uses € as currency and your main account is not on euros, you will see some fluctuation on your balance on the poker client. This is caused by the normal changes on currency rates.

But like I said, the balance on the Unibet website should not change if you don't play anything.

If it does, then @RayL might be able to help you with that.

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Hi @Ismylove123, welcome to the Community. :)
I can indeed see a reversed bet in the value of 86.50, Coupon ID: 1512957087.
This usually happens when a bet is wrongly settled as a winning or a loosing one and in this case, the winnings are reversed.
I have sent the bet mentioned above to be double checked and to make 100% that our settlement is correct, I'll update you here in this thread as soon as an answer is received.

Update: Just received an answer from the sports traders and indeed it seems that the bet was first wrongly settled as a winning one which is the reason it got reversed after. Official statistics here.
I realize that on the player's end it looks a bit strange, I apologize for the confusion caused @Ismylove123.


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