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Can i only take out 40 cents?


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Welcome to the community, @Jeff!

There's a minimum withdrawal limit of around € 10, so you can't withdraw less than that.

If you've got an active bonus, you likely can't withdraw anything either. See below info about the different balances when having an active deposit bonus.

"There are three different balances in a Deposit Bonus.


Contributed Money is money you deposit to qualify for a Deposit Bonus. Once your Deposit Bonus is awarded, you must first play with your Contributed Money within the Bonus. The progression of any Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements commence as soon as you start placing bets with your Contributed Money. Please note, if the Validity Period expires, or the Bonus is cancelled, your Contributed Money balance will be converted back to cash. If you would like to withdraw the money you contributed to the Bonus before it is completed, simply press the 'Cancel Your Bonus' button in Active Bonuses or phone Customer Support on 13 78 68. Upon cancellation all Bonus Money awarded and winnings within the Bonus will be voided.


Bonus Money is the money Unibet contributes to your Bonus. This money is not converted to cash until the Bonus has been fulfilled. This money will not be converted to cash in the event of the Bonus expiring. This money is used after your Contributed Money to fund bets within the Bonus.


Cash Balance is the money you currently have in your Unibet account as cash prior to making a qualifying deposit. If all your Contributed or Bonus Money has been used, bets for this Bonus will then draw from your Cash Balance. This money can be withdrawn at all times.


For instance, if you 'Opt In' for a 100% Deposit Bonus up to $100 and make a deposit of $110, it will be distributed like this:

My Contributed Money = $100

Unibet Bonus Money = $100

Cash Balance = $10

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