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Android Software instability on MIIU


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Dear Support Team,

I recently switched from my old Android-based Samsung phone to the Xiaomi Redmi Note5 with Android 8.1 / MIUI. Unfortunately your poker software is running really poorly on my new device. After using it a couple of days I am able to provide some feedback to you:

- Instability in general / "random" crashes (back to home screen, software closed)

- Short disconnects for 5 to 20 seconds once or twice per hour

- Switching from tables to the lobby doenst work properly (screenshot attached). The table is still shown upfront and the lobby in the backround is shinning trough the table. All your finger tips and commands are working in the lobby, but you can barely see it because the (broken looking) table is still upfront. ---> you cant use the software because you cant see what/where you are klicking in the lobby. Minimize/maximize or restart necessary.  [this problem also occurs when you are "leaving next BB" and the last hand at the last table has been played and the software automatically tries to close the table and go back to the lobby]

- The fingerprint login only worked once and never again (screenshot attached). Error code: "Login failed. HTTP_ERROR (C0/H200)". 

- Minor problem: Software is not optimized for the up and coming popular resolution 2160x1080

I am not able to say if its a MIUI or Android 8.1 problem. I am happy to provide more information if needed.

Thanks in advance & have a nice weekend


Additional information:

MIUI Version Global 9.5 Stable / based on Android 8.1.0

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 4GB RAM / Octacore @ 1.80GHz



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@StaN wrote:


I am not able to say if its a MIUI or Android 8.1 problem. I am happy to provide more information if needed.



I got android 8.1.0 in Nokia 6.1 too. I got few of those 5-20 second disconnections too but haven´t seen other problems and fingerprint works fine. Don´t play so much though that in longer sessions there might be more problems or then it could be that MIUI that causes problems.

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@StaN are you still experiencing issues with your mobile device? I don't have access to the same model as yours, but I have done some testing on a similar device and didn't experience any issues.

Closing the bug report for now. Please let us know if you're still having issues!

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