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Can't make a withdrawal using WebMoney!

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I have a problem! I was using WebMoney as my withdrawal method for a long time and now it disappeared as withdrawal option! I need money ASAP, but support can't give me a clear answer about that situation. I don't know what to do! There were no any announcments about it, and other methods avialible to me are too slow! Can somebody there please give me some more info!? I still can make a deposit using WebMoney, but can't make a withdrawal!!! @RayL @JeppeL Please help me!

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Thank you @AndreiBN !

Ok, I understand that I can't really blame Unibet, but WebMoney is the only comfortable withdrawal method for me.
I don't know what to do now. That's the best poker site for me and I don't wanna leave Unibet, but I think I have to because of two reasons: 1) I can't use WebMoney anymore, 2) that incedent are making me really feel scary about my money, because that was unexpectable and I can't use my money when I need it (of cause, that's also mine fault, but that's very unpleasantly that WebMoney just disappeared without any announcements, it wasn't be a problem if I knew that at least a week ago).

I know that this move was for sure reasonable and Unibet would not have gone to such a step without justification.

@JeppeL @RayL I know that WebMoney is not the popular withdrawal method, but it's very important to me to keep abreast of news. So, if it is possible, can you answer me is there any chance that WebMoney will return as a witdrawal method? And if you can't give me an answer now, can you keep me and others up to date? I mean, I want to know any news about WebMoney as soon as it appear to know what to do in future.

Hope I'm not asking for much and thank you for the all work you are doing here!

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@yarik_gr, I understand the concern and it would be sad to lose you as a player over something like this, you are not asking too much of us either and I wish I could re assure you that it will be re added but at the moment it is not known.

I see that your withdrawal made on VISA was successfully processed this afternoon.

I honestly can't tell you if or when WebMoney will be reintroduced as a withdrawal method but as @steppek77 mentions, there are multiple methods still to use, like Skrill or the VISA, are these methods mot an option for you?



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