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When can I withdraw the money that is a bonus on my account?

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@ErrffD wrote:

Hvornår kan jeg udbetale det penge som står som bonus til min egen konto

Hello @ErrffD ,

Please keep in mind , in the future , that this community is "Only English content allowed " ,  in order to get a proper response from the other members that are trying to help you and don't really understand what your problem is about :)

Back to your problem , if i'm right, you would like to know when will you be able to make a withdraw ,cause your money are now in the Bonus section.Correct me if i'm wrong, please :)

In order to make a withdraw , after accepting a Bonus and you receive a Bonus amount after depositing, the wagering starts. The bets placed if they are winning ones are added to your bonus balance until wagering is complete. After the wagering is done it gets added to cash which can be withdraw.Regardless if your bet is loosing or winning the amount you have originally placed on the bet will be registered as "wagered". You can observe your progression if you will search for "Active Bonuses" in your account as well.

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