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Why is my bet marked as lost?


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@Balki wrote:


I’ve made a bet on the basketball game Tsjechië O20 - Nederland O20... I’ve marked Tsjechië as the winner, they did and still my bet is marked as lost... How come?

Hello @Balki and welcome to the community,

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the bet your are talking about? Gonna make it easier for the mods to get it solved, if there is an error :)

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Hi @Balki and welcome to the Community :) As Andrei mentions under normal circumstances we would need a screenshot of the bet in order to find it but I managed to find it.
Your bet was indeed placed on Czech Republic to win but with a handicap of -30.5, the final score being 64 - 49 the bet is indeed settled correctly I'm afraid.


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