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Convert bonus 8x


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Hello! I deposited 100kr (~€10) and got 500kr (€50) in bonus, and inwas gold to convert €400 to get the bonus money to ”real” money. I bet €60 on France - Belgium and won. Now it says convert €340 more to be finished. So since I won a bet it did remove the bet amount from the “convert €400”. 


So so my question is: Do I have to WIN the bet or can I LOSE the bet to make it count as well? 

Because it says when I press my bonus “play for €340 more. 

But since it says CONVERT, it makes me wounder how it really is

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Hi @mEAH and welcome to the Community :)

As our members mention above, regardless if your bet is loosing or winning the amount you have originally placed on the bet will be registered as "wagered". The full amount accumulated under "Bonus" through wagering is then released in "Cash". You can observe your progression under "Active Bonuses" in your account as well. Just note that unsettled bets are not yet considered as wagered due to the possibility of Cashout.

Let us know if you have additional questions or if you would like me to provide specifics about amounts or bets placed within this welcome Bonus.



Former Community Moderator
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