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Modric with assist. No win?


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I yesterdays game, Luke Modric made an assist in extra time, but this bet did not registered as a win. Have i misunderstood something? 

* "Inkludert ekstraomganger, men ikke straffekonkurranse" is norwegian and directly translated it says including extra time, but not penalty shoot out. 

Can somebody clearify this for me? Thanks :) 


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Hello @Nilsinho and welcome to the community ,

In your case there is obviously made an error , because Modrici did had an assist in the extra time , and your bet clearly states that also extra time is included. I'm sure @RayL will ask the Sporttbook team to double check your cupon and it will be fixed . 


@Starcraft , welcome to you too in the community ,

If you are refering to this thread , then are 2 different situations. Because if in this one it clearly states on the cupon that the market includes also extra time , on the one with the exact score this was not the case. So that bet with exact score 2-2 was settled as "Lost" correctly ."Fulltime (90 mins and injury time) offers does not include any prolongation such as extra time, overtime or penalty shoot outs, unless explicitly stated." In the case with exact score , it wasn't stated that inclued also extratime. Hope it clears things for you and you can see the differences :)

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Hi @Nilsinho, welcome to the Community. The bet placed is actually "Modric to assist in the first goal, including overtime //  Modric to assist for Goal (1) ) However the assist of the first goal of the match was made by Artem Dzyuba, which is why the bet was cataloged as a loosing one as seen below.



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