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My betting tips for eleague


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I just want start by saying that i was very tired when i wrote these so if there are some errors/mistakes and i have no experience doing this, so tell me how i could improve. I might go into more detail tomorrow but for now i will keep this short. Also my style of betting might differ from most people as i like to go for big gambles that might pay off. Btw  the starting times for the matches are wrong, astralis vs mouz and VP vs Ninjas in Pyjamas are played on the 22nd (http://www.e-league.com/eleague-schedule/)

So lets get started, i will be going through the matches in cronological order, not in the order they are in the unibet site.



Envy vs Fnatic

My pick for this match has to be Envy even though they arent playing on the level they used to. The odds (4.00-1.20) just arent in line with my odds as i think that envy, on a good day could even win 2-0 because fantic isnt the scary monster it used to be.

NaVi vs Cloud9

I just have to give this one to NaVi as they have shown they can win even against the big teams lately. The odds (1.08-6.50) arent great but i just dont see cloud9 getting away with this one.



Astralis vs mouz

This might be the hardest match to predict in the whole tournament as the roster for team astralis is still in the air. I will update this once the roster is confirmed but for now coming from the assumption that astralis have their best lineup for this event, i have to go with them as i think that the odds (1.45-2.55) arent great for either side because even after their strong showing in the last chance qualifier, they are a weaker team.

VP vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

This is also a tough one, but i really think VP can go through with this one, the old virtus plow might make a comeback and has shown some signs of life lately.


For the winner of the event i would go for NaVi, EnVy or Astralis but i wouldnt bet my life savings on those, i just dont see fnatic winning this.


I will post in this thread about the later stages as well but here is what i will have on my coupon for this event. I might also be playing some of the matches as singles but i dont really have a lot of money to bet right now.

Astralis vs Mouz @ 1.45

EnVy vs Fnatic @ 4.00

VP vs Ninjas in Pyjamas @ 1.90

Total 11.02, might be putting 5-10€ on this and maybe some money on individual matches as well

 Edit: took navi vs c9 off my coupon as the odds are horrible

Ps. sry NA fans but even after you get SK banned you still have no chance :smileysad:

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I like your analysis minus the Fnatic portion. I can see Fnatic absolutely dominating this match & cruising to an easy 2-0 win
I debate
Should I smile like everything's good and pretend that life is great
Or should I let the world see the real me and not hide this pain
I tried to be like the rest of y'all, sorry I just can't
I'ma probably die this way
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I would like to disagree, but i can still see where you are coming from. Fnatic hasnt been what it used to be, the time without olof hurt them a lot, if the odds were better i might go with fnatic, but with the current odds i dont recommend betting on fnatic, envy also didnt have as bad peformance in cologne as people make it out to be.

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Well looking back at my picks, i got virtus pro and navi winning right but the two matches i originally had doubts about failed in astralis losing to mousesports and envy losing to fnatic. The EnVy vs Fnatic result was expected and the only reason i was betting on envy was the good odds i was getting. Astralis on the other hand was really disappointing as they got totally destroyed. I will update this thread with my picks for the next weekend later.

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