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Austria U20 - Kroatia U20 Handball


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I Placed a bet live on this match, and then a put a new bet on in when it was halftime

The game was then canceled at halftime, for reasons i dont know.

Unitbet placed both of my bets as lost, i asked inn the chat if 1) The pepoel who bet the under line won and the Hcp line whos corret at the time , got their bet as a win? They dindt  answer that Question..

The other thing, i put a bet on the game at halftime, and they didnt even start the next half even Unibet knows thats not right.., I betted on Football before, and the same thing has happend, they just but the bet as Candeld, you know 1.00 

Do any pepole her get any pointers ? Or bettet on the same game?


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Hi @Trygg, thanks for contacting us regarding your bet.

I would be more than happy to have a look at your bet and contact the Sportsbook team if needed, I would just need a bit more information about the bet it's self. Could you share a screenshot showing your bet from the betting history of provide me with a Coupon ID? I'll be sure to dig into what happened.



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