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Minor challenges - wrong tasks and points for different types of games and stakes


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Since the new quarter started four days ago, the minor challenges seem to be very bugged in all game types I played so far: 5-man SNG, 2-man SNG and cash games. Some screenshots:

1: 5-man SNG, played only hands in the €25 level for this minor challenge. I'm pretty sure the point reward is supposed to be higher, or at least it used to be higher before. Similar feelings about the low point rewards I had for the minor challenges I completed before this one (100ish points for a minor challenge on the €10 level, for which I usually get more points).


2: I don't play cash games very often, but won a 50NL ticket in the penalty promotion. I know 123 points for a minor challenge on 50NL is far below what it's supposed to be. 


3: Heads up SNG, screenshot is from €10 or €25 level (not sure anymore which one, but I don't play lower). 75 points is, again, way below what it's supposed to be (/used to be? I hope not...). Completed several challenges for 100ish points in the €10/€25 level now, I'm sure this can't be right. I also think some challenges that are usually from the 5-man SNGs, came into the challenges for the 2-man SNGs. I'm not a 100% on this one though.


I think all major challenges still work like they should, only the minor ones are bugged as far as I experienced.

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