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Re: Account already verified after registration


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Hello Ray,


Reading your insightful and very helpful responses to questions asked in this thread gives me hope that i might have my issues resolved with your help. I had given up on unibet, but let's see if there is a way...

Background : 

Been a user for many years, have been playing, depositing and withdrawing huge amounts of money, i would estimate between 1 and 2 million DKK over the last 3 years. I would estimate unibet has made between 0.5 and 1 million DKK servicing me with great entertainment value the last 3 years.

First i get this message on mail :


Efter du tilmeldte dig Unibet, blev du bedt om at verificere din konto. Da vi desværre ikke har modtaget verificeringsdokumenterne fra dig, er vi blevet nødt til at lukke din konto. 

Du vil ikke længere kunne logge ind, men du kan stadig verificere din konto og derefter spille med os.

Kontakt os for at få mere information om, hvordan du gør dette.

Vi ser frem til, at du snart spiller hos os igen!



Let me translate the best i can :

"After you signed up at unibet, You were asked to verify your account. Unfortunately, we have not recieved verification documents from you, so we have to close your account"

That is to me extremely rude, you are plain out lying to me, that i did not do the paperwork i was asked to do when i opened the account (of course i did, and it's been okay the last 1 to 3 million DKK revenues) and after the lying, you use that as an excuse to close my account.

I was thoroughly pissed being treated that way, as you might imagine.

Anyways, after a few days of yelling at the monitor, i proceeded to try to send some kind of documentation of an income, that was less than 3 monts old.

Fact is, the last year and half, i have been playing using savings and prior won funds, the company i was involved with went bankrupt and since then i have been working on new stuff for a new startup, but that kind of work is not paid and leads to no income. 

I am also a responsible member of the civil society so i do not recieve unemployment benefits or social help or the like..  i made money, saved up, and am now paying my expenses from savings. so no income last 3 months. not a penny.

I did have a 100K dkk win from another bookmaker that was just under 3 months old, so i made a screenshot of that transaction and sent it.

The verification website is very hard to figure out, with brokerage accounts i am used to having these features :

- list of documents you have sent

- mark on each document if it is useful for the purpose or not

- list of items/issues still do be documented, and for each item/issue, list of kinds of documents that would help.

at unibet all i have is this :



The above is totally and utterly gibberish to me, for instance :

"Efterspørgsel af kontobekræftelse"
That means request of account confirmation.   Do you want me to send you a PDF documenting a request of an account confirmation??
The red says "pending documents".  But there is no list of pending documents.Does it just means some documents are pending? or is it broken?.

Proof of origin of money...  is the headline below, and the proof seems to be a orange symbol resembling an hour-glass.   How should i intepret that?


Anyways, the above is input to the people doing the  verification part of the website - this can be done lots better and less confusing.



Back to my case.


What documents would you suggest i send to unibet, and how?

Is it enough to send documentation of 3* 100K dkk withdrawal from unibet earlier this year (that is in fact the origin of the money deposited back lately, but it is older than 3 months).



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Hi @sailaytinummoc and welcome to the Community. I've moved your post to a separate new thread to avoid mixing up the cases and to have a clear overview of what's happening.
Thank you for contacting us, I'll start off by saying that we will do our best to help you in this verification.
I can see that a colleague of mine received an explanation from you on the 26th of last month and that piece of information helped me in following up on this. Thank you for the broad explanation provided.
So, first and foremost it's important to have a few things clear. Verifications throughout the industry happen in stages and are mostly based on the regulations that certain Markets/Government impose over an online operator like us. When a verification happens the different documents requested are structured and placed in a list which is projected on your account, I can indeed see that all the other documents like Identification, Proof of address and Credit card followed this procedure, you should have been able to see it in your account, otherwise the option to upload it onsite wouldn't have been possible. I can actually observe on the top part of the screenshot shared that the documents are ticked with a green swoosh symbolizing the success of that document being verified. But no need to worry about that anymore, they are verified :)
I can also see that in the first stages of the account (years ago) there was a succesfull verification which took place but as mentioned above, the European regulations change and with them so do we and our security processes. 
I am not disputing that it can get a bit confusing either, indeed when a document is declined, the onsite message only says that it's declined, but not a specific reason, here's when we come into play and we inform the players on what exactly went wrong, and what is needed, the hour-glass icon is interpreted as something that is still pending/processing.
I wish I could go into the specific of the request publicly but I am unsure of how suitable it would be or how confortable you are with it, so I will start off by sending you a broad explanation via private message here in the community and we'll pick it up from there.
Hope to hear from you soon.


Former Community Moderator
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