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Lost all my previous tickets


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turnint to July, I logged in, and I saw all my previous tickets has gone, however none of them expired.

If I remember correctly I still has €250 UO , €4 tournament, Double Trouble freeroll ticket and might be there was one more.

At the moment I can see those ticket I received in July - MTT and 4xSNG.


Can you please check what could happened on my account.

username: Markopol0

Many than ks

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I have the same thing, at least on some parts! I'm sure I had a unibet open package freeroll ticket which hadn't expired (if it didn't expire just when the month changed which I highly doubt because they usually always last until the next freeroll).


Now I should have two of those because I have already over 100k points in this period. But I just have one. Frightening things happening at the current period change :o

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