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Didn’t get my full win?


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Hi @Jabe,

When activating a bonus, this is how the money technically works:

You first spend from a "restriced" balance, that is the money that is used to activate the bonus. Your welcome bonus was a %500 bonus, so 100kr out of your inital 400kr deposit was restricted to the bonus.

After the money from the restricted balance is in play, you then spend from your bonus money and then from your cash balance(if you've deposited a higher amount than needed for the bonus).

It's only possible to have one active offer at a time, so when you activate a new bonus the old offer(and any bets placed from the bonus money) is cancelled.

So when you first got the bonus and placed the 400kr Sweden to win as the first bet, you used the 100kr from your restriced balance and and 300kr from your bonus balance. While the 100kr is restricted to the bonus, they're still yours and winnings from them as well in case you cancel the offer - that's why you got the payback of 320kr(25% of 1280kr) The next two bets of 300kr and 200kr were placed from your cash balance and they were the lost bets. 

Finally I have to say, sort of as a warning as well, that had you not cancelled the bonus yourself on the 26th by accepting a new offer and thus received the full winnings of 1280kr, our bonus security team probably would have done it for you as it's against the rules to turn over a bonus by playing on all sides of the event. Please keep that in mind in case you make use of future offers and feel free to shoot here if you have any questions on any of the above :)


Former Community Manager
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