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Hello everyone,

I have a question...

Which games do I have to play to have big score and have the possibility to reah one time the top ten of the classement ....

Because the game i play if i score 20.000 it's a very good score but never enough to rich the high classement ....and so many people 

have scores like 200.000 pts and also 900.000 ....how is it possible to have that....

Which games do i hace to play to have such scores??????

thanks a lot for your responses...

nice day ....


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Welcome to the community, @spitfire! :)

Which games do you usually play? :)


A game like Bonanza can give 10,000 times your stake, Thunderstruck 2 has a really high max win as well, and so do games like Book of dead and Dead or alive. I'm unsure if jackpots count in those competitions. It would be very interesting to see some stats on which machines are typically the winners in these contests :)

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