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Withdrawal of money


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when I want to make a cash withdrawal, they ask me a photo of my bankcard to control my identity,...

However, they refuse each time my photo so I cannot take my money back... It's the account of my syster but she has lost her bankcard so she took mine...

thanks for your Help




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Hello @Frate1100 and welcome to the community ,

Most likely the reason behind that it is beacuse it's not allowed to use a payment method that is not on your sisters name, in this case.

This is one of the basic rules of almost every betting site: to deposit and withdraw with a  payment method registered in your name.

Some of the Unibet's T&C :

4.6.3 An Account Holder must not allow third parties to use his Unibet Account to make deposits to or withdrawals from his Unibet Account.

4.6.1 An Account Holder is only allowed to:

  • a. make deposits to his Unibet Account with his personal Card or via his personal account created with one of the Financial Institutions or their licensees;
  • b. request withdrawals of funds held on his Unibet Account to his personal account created with one of the Financial Institutions or their licensees.

 All deposits and withdrawals need to be made via a payment method registered in your name.

Breaching this account usage rule may result in complications recovering your funds, and even account suspension.

@RayL or @JeppeL should be able to provide more info on this case and how to proceed further, but for sure they will not accept your creditcard instead of your sister. That's a sure thing.

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Hi @Frate1100

I'd love to help, but on this one I suggest you get in touch with a live chat agent and provide as much information to them as possible. There'll be some documentation needed though considering another card has been used than the person registered on the account - but they should be able to help you out better.


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