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Unibet UK Tour Glasgow: No additional info received.


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After qualifying for the online event, I got a message through the unibet website confirming my qualification and the cash for expenses paid into my account. In the message, it said there would be more information given closer to the event. It is now 2 days before the event and I haven't receieved an email or another message. I'd like to know how long the event usually runs until on all days, and what portion of players playing on the friday or saturday will make it to the sunday.

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Hi @Mookesh and congratulations on winning the package . the event in Glasgow should be  a good one :)

I apologize that you haven't heard more, I'll get in touch with someone who knows more about the specifics and see if we can't get an estimate on the daily run time and the split of players!

Best regards,


Former Community Manager
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