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casino extra time gifts


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@dili123in wrote:

Won a prize on extra time promotion on sunday.it says you will get a message within 7 days to claim 

Congrats, @dili123in . During the WC in football, it is so many promotions in casino, sports betting and poker ( it is overwhelming), so I think it is not so easy for the moderators to fix everything at once :) But I am sure you get your winnings.

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@dili123in wrote:

got it sorted,excellent customer service from unibet.Time to recommend my friends to unibet


That is great, @dili123in . I knew you got your winnings. 

And of course you have to recommend Unibet to your friends. Because you get no trouble with the deposits or withdrawals.

Even you can read here in the Community that clients have "problems" with this and that, the moderators fix it for you.

Believe me on that, because I have been a member of Unibet since 2005. No trouble at all with the serious things 😃

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@GothMoth wrote:

@RayL  could you check if I've won something please?

There was a message that I couldn't read and later the prizes weren't shown. This happened 1h or more before 23:59 CET.

Maybe they had been won for the day, I don't know :wonder:


@RayL  now I checked and the rewards are still showing while yesterday the "Goal" box disappeared long before the deadline.

Maybe the reason is they had been won already, but there was a message on the left side which I couldn't read and then the announcements stopped.






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Hi guys @GothMoth and @Mcdee
We've double checked the logs from Play and Go and your details are not in the winners list. I am trying to get my hands on an actual pop up which players see when winning a prize, no promises though as it's not the easiest info to acquire :)

@Mcdee, when a prize is won the player is contacted by the Marketing team to confirm the shipping details in the case that he/she would like the prize. A cash alternative is offered as well.


Former Community Moderator
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