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Verification problem


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I've been having some problems with the verification progress, I uploaded my ID back & front.

Then I got a mail saying that my account is blocked because I failed to provide any legal documents, which i had already done by the time I got the mail.

Now when I go to the verification page, it says that the verification is complete but when I go to sports betting page it's just white and I can't do anything.

Can someone help me?

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Hi @GLitch98, I am looking into the issue as we speak, it will take a couple of minutes though. I'll make sure to update you once I know more.
Update: @GLitch98, We just received word from Security that a Proof of your Deposit made on the account will be needed in order to make a step towards a succesfull verification on your account.
A bank statement showing the details of the account owner and the tranzaction made towards the Unibet account to be more precise. I would be more than happy to intercept if you send it to contact@unibetcommunity.com and forward it to be verified as fast as possible.


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