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Poker release notes 20/06/2018 - v2.19.0


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We have a release today on desktop web, download and on Android. iOS will follow in the upcoming days.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed crashes on Safari WEB version
  • Buy-in dialogue – Only able to enter valid amounts
  • Sorting by players now works as expected
    Previously: Sorted by capital letters
    Now: As expected, from A-Z
  • Omaha MTT – Fixes to the issue where cards didn’t load on the first hand
  • Previously you weren’t allowed to login if we had problems with our tournament monitor. New behavior lets players login (given no issues elsewhere)


New Casino In Poker Game

  • Maze of Osiris
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I have audio crackles and glitches with Unibet Poker running. Not even playing anything, it's just the lobby running.

I have everything muted anyway, it would be nice if one could turn off audio engine completely in the poker client. Maybe it would help, or don't know.

This looks really bad.


Next screenshot is after i closed Unibet Poker..


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