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Tennis - Player injured, what is the rule?

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Hello, I have just bet on a tennis match and one of 2 players is injured during the match while it was 1 together and 1-1 in the last set and my bet was lost rather than pay back, why?`

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Hi @Achille1989 and welcome to the community, please not that we can only respond in English here and as such we keep that as the language for the whole community  :)

Your question has been up before as we realize it's sometimes a point of discussion, I'll quote our former Sportsbook Expert, Marco, from the thread here

“Match” bet offers are based on the general principle of tournament progress or tournament win, depending on which phase of the competition the match refersto. The player/team progressing to the next round or winning the tournament is to be considered as the winner of the bet regardless of match duration, withdrawals, disqualifications, etc. These bets require at least one set to be completed for bets to stand.

Let’s say you place a bet on Rafael Nadal to win against Andy Murray. During 6th game of the first set Murray gets an injury which unfortunately leaves him with no other choice than to forfeit the match. In this scenario, we’ll void any match bet offers, since Murray withdrew from the match during first set. Nadal was already leading 4-1 in first set, having a good chance to win the first set and the match. We understand it may be frustrating to bet on a player that is most likely to win the match, but because the first set wasn’t finished, your bet ends up getting voided. It’s indeed a relevant argument that Nadal was about to win the first set and more important actually won the match, but the rule states that we void any match bet if the first set isn’t completed.
On the other hand, we’ve also received complaints in the past from customers betting on a player that gets an injury after the first set is finished, which leads to a valid bet (lost). You might feel that the settlement is unfair, now that your player didn’t lose in a proper manner as the match wasn’t played to the end.
The rule for settling a bet on this kind of tennis match variates for each bookmaker. Some bookmakers void all bets in any situation where a player forfeits a match, regardless if the first set has finished or not. Other bookmakers remain all bets as valid, as long is the first ball is served.
After several evaluations Unibet has set the line for voiding bets at the end of first set as we believe this rule favours both sides as much as possible. We think that the match has to be played to a certain extent in order to settle bets properly even though a player gets an injury. Unfortunately we’ll never be able to satisfy all customers in tennis matches where a player gets an injury, since there are good arguments on both voiding all bets as well as settling all bets validly."

Best regards,


Former Community Manager
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