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Some suggestions

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Hi, I'm a simple man who have some simple suggestions┬á­čśâ

1. I think the casino page would really benefit from a 'sort by provider' option, or a filter to list or un-list certain providers.

2. A way to change the slot language from the local language (norwegian for me), to english.

I have more suggestions, but don't want to make this post too long :p

Do you guys have some other suggestion, let me hear them┬á­čśâ

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I would like to change language because the translations on some slots are not very good, and it's a nice touch for people living in other countries to change language. Beside, I will move to Japan sometime in the future, and would hate it if the language was in japanese even though I understand a bit of it. Also it's good for my youtube videos to be in english :)

I've seen that some sites let you change the language easily in the casino page, that's why I suggested it.

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