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OLIVIER GIROUD 3rd goal against


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In match Franca vs Australia I played live bet that Oliver Giourd will score 3rd goal. The goal was first scored by Pogba but afterwards it is changed to a own goal. Your rules on the live bet are that the bet will be cancelled if there are no more goal or the 3rd gaol is a own gaol, which it is. 

This means that you should get my money back on this bet? 


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Hi @KABA, thanks for raising this with us and welcome to the Community. I can't confirm what happened just yet but we forwarded your bet to be analyzed by the Sportsbook Department and will update you as soon as we receive an answer.

Update: Hi @KABA, the Sportsbook department have confirmed that  the 3rd goal scorer was initially announced as Pogba and the settlement shall stand.
Quoting section B.5.2 from Terms and Conditions:
"2) Settlement of bets will not include any changes deriving from and/or attributable to, but not limited to: disqualifications, penalisations, protests, sub judice results and/or successive changes to the official result after the event has been completed and a result has been announced,"

Below, the official FIFA published report.



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