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Please make Unibet Bonus department stop :p

Go to solution Solved by Zipfil,

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Can you please make them stop give me useless Sport promos, like the one I have now in my account, they never expire and it is about sport...

I dont play on sport unless they give something free....I cant winn anything there....not my thingy...

If they wanna give me something as I said many times, use a 2 by 4 and knock this in their forehead: Zipfil like Casino, CASINO.....if they dont get it cange the 2 by 4 to a Jackhammer..maybe they get it then ;)

I am so tired of repeting myself and wonder: Dont they have a profile or att least some "notes" on players, like what they do play?

I do remember in the startup of this Community that they poked me a loot about verrefying my account "all the time", then you said you would tell them to go a little more easy on that, it worked :D
Dont know what you used to make it happend, maybe use the same approtch and see if they can stop the annoying sport promos they give me, I getting so exited evrytime I see a message about a "bonus" in my account and so verry depressed when it say SPORT.....please help a verry sad member...cant take more dissapointing SPORT thingy....I love Casino ....make them understand that or I will go on strike XD

Nothing is impossible, the impossible only take some time.
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