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Question about the VIP Blackjack tournament

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@Godlikeweak wrote:

Nobody ;( ?

so sorry dear i really wanne help ya but i am dutch and our promotions arent the same , otherwise i would have putten all the info here , im pretty sure @RayL or @JeppeL will answer ya soon, and some people that play blackjack and got the same promotion will read this soon as well so dont give up yet ,you will get help .gl anyway in the game

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@Godlikeweak To take part in the competition, you must play the game mentioned and linked to in the screenshot - live black jack.

The rules for this one is fairly simple: your highest net gain with 20 rounds in a row is what counts towards the leaderboard. So to keep it simple, you must play at least 20 rounds in a row and the highest amount you win within any 20 rounds played right after each other is your score on the leaderboard :)

Feel free to let me know if anything is unclear :)



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