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problems with pay out


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Hey Unibet.

Yesterday and today i think there was a problem with the time trial. i was betting on matches in World Champions football games ( small bets ) but everytime i maked a bet, my phone told me that i lost my money, even when the time was not running out in real play. sometimes i actually won money, but when my phone told me that the times was out, i lost the money, but the time was not out yet.

I also played 10 danish kroner on the game Croatia vs Nigeria that croatia will win the game with 2-0 the rest of the game, but again, i did´t get my money, and my phone told me that i lost.

Have is this possible? is there something unibet can do? maybe go in and se, and refound the money, or better, give me the win money. ??

Best regards


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Hi Kristina, and welcome to the Community! Indeed there were issues yesterday when players were logged out due to "timeout session" error while being active. Some of them experienced this issue today as well but on a much smaller level.

The time out shouldn't and won't affect the outcome of your bets in any case, once placed the bet is registered and regardless if you are logged in or not, if it's a winning one it will pay out. I'll gladly take a look at your bets and send them to be analized nonetheless, when betting live, even though rare, errors happen and we gladly adjust any wrongly settled bet.

Could you let me know the bet ID's that you would like us to double check? You can find the Cupon ID's on the top left corners of each bet.



Former Community Moderator
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@KristinaTychsen The bet to win the rest of the match is lost because the team in question needs to win from the point you place the bet. You placed yours at the score 2-0 and no more goals were scored after, so the rest of the match ended in a tie 0-0 and thus the bet is unfortunately lost.


Former Community Manager
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