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My earned money have been withdrawn by unibet


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I played some money on Real Madrid to beat Liverpool in the CL finale. I notice now that the money i won have been withdrawn by unibet. It says: Premium - premium fraud recovery withdraw.

I have tried to find ways on how to contact unibet, but I haven´t found any, which I find very strange!!

How do i fix this????

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Go here: https://www.unibet.co.uk/help/

Then click on My Account > Account Details > Account History 

Then scroll down to "STILL NEED HELP?" and click contact us. 

Use the live chat or email option. For some reason email option doesn't work for me, probably opens Mail app on PC which I don't have. But use livechat. But you must likely will still need to email to get a higher up rep to tend to your situation. 

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Hi @Tottiboy96 and welcome to the community :)

I've been in touch with our Player Safety department and we've had to remove an amount from your account because we've received chargebacks on the most recent withdrawals. A chargeback means that the payments made has been taken back by your back, usually on the request of the account holder and as such we of course are obligated to remove that amount from your Unibet balance. If you cancel the chargebacks we'd be happy to put the winnings back on your account, but we're not in the business of giving away free money :)


Former Community Manager
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